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Greek protesters in Greece: “We will take Korca, Saranda, and we will burn Tirana”

Manifestations against Albanians continue in Greece, A group was filmed with a banner “Katsifas, you are immortal”, and chanting “We will take Korca, Saranda and we will burn Tirana”.  

The Prosecution of Gjirokaster has started investigations for hate speeches and for distributing symbols that aim to damage Albania’s constitutional order.

Sources said for Top Channel that the Prosecution has not decided yet if there will be criminal prosecution for illegally crossing the border.

The anti-terror police is trying to shed light if the travel of dozens of Greek citizens to Katsifa’s funeral was sponsored or not. The suspicion comes from a campaign on social networks, observed by the Albanian Anti-Terror, which appealed for reimbursed travels to Bularat.

The Prosecution has also seized flags with “Vorio Epirus” scripts.


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