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EU and OSCE Ambassadors appeal opposition to avoid boycott

Although the electoral reform failed to pass with consensus last year, the EU and OSCE have not given up.

Ambassadors Luigi Soreca (EU) and Bern Borchardt (OSCE) met with the Democratic Party leader this Monday for one hour.

The DP press office didn’t release any announcement, but the diplomats gave details about the meeting.

“I was with my colleague, Ambassador Borchardt, to discuss the electoram reform, which is a priority for us. It is part of the priorities that Albania must fulfill before opening the negotiations. We will speak with all parties that are involved to address this matter, and we will not stop asking them to cooperate on this matter”, Soreca declared.

“The time is running out but there are still ways to progress”, Borchardt declared.

The ambassadors have asked the opposition to stop boycott, and to start approving the Electoral Code amends together with the majority.

Last year, the parties were unable to approve the electoral reform through a consensus. The Socialists brought an unilateral draft, but the opposition accused themof undermining the electoral reform.

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