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Four under charges for failing to guard military base

TIRANA, Jan. 14 – The Vlora court remanded in custody four people after the weapons’ warehouse of  the Pashaliman military base was raided last week.

Two base guards Lesko Ramosaco and Edlir Nelaj, student Ardit Ramaj and nurse Ervist Memsulaj are accused of “violating guarding rules on important facilities, resulting in armed robbery.”

Official data suggests that on January 9, at midnight, two automatic weapons, a carbine, 40 grenades and about 5500 different types of cartridges, including high power rifle bullets, were stolen.

The investigation revealed the theft was carried out when the guard responsible had abandoned the post and was located in another environment while the practices of service control and guard shifts were also not respected.

Through their defense attorneys and self-declarations, the military officers claimed in court that the naval base had no security measures because there were no lighting and cameras, and that they were forced to perform long service hours in difficult weather conditions due to lack of effectives.

Immediately after the incident was recorded the General Staff of the Armed Forces condemned the act and assured that the security, readiness and operationality of the Naval Force had not been compromised.

The Pashaliman base is one of the most important military facilities that serves the coastal fleet, carrying out controls of the Albanian maritime border regime and operations in the framework of NATO forces in Albania.


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