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Students clash with police trying to continue protests inside faculties

TIRANA, Jan. 11 – Videos that went viral on social media on Friday showed state policemen physically clashing with smaller groups of students that have decided to continue the massive rallies of December in quest of the improvement of education by closing themselves inside their respective faculties.

The video specifically showed policemen being violent towards students of the Faculty of Economics in order to push them away from the university environments, but without success.

A group of students stayed inside Tirana’s University Economics Faculty on Thursday night, persisting on their eight economic and academic demands.

Police intervened when protest groups were changing in the morning to continue the protest.
At the same time the police was under conflict with the protesters, Prime Minister Edi Rama was holding a meeting concerning universities.

Students have said they have decided to escalate the protest because they claim the 11 government decision undertaken by Rama by the end of December do not fulfill their demands, that the government is regarding this protest with arrogance and indifference, although they have been protesting for a month on the streets and boycotting the classes.

They say they will stay there until the government meets their demands, although the rectorate has called on students to return to their studies.

Meanwhile, local media has reported part of students from other faculties have resumed lectures since January.

However, in the main faculties the protests remain massive.


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