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Dutch Parliament will vote on April 16th whether they’ll bring back visa regime to Albania

Right wing extremists in the Netherlands have made a request to bring back the visa regime to the Albanian citizens for the Schengen area.

The Foreign Minister, Stef Blok, and the Minister of Justice and Security, Grapperhaus, reported in front of the country’s Parliament.

They were asked if the visa liberalization was used by Albanian criminals to enter Netherlands.

Sietse Rindert Fritsma, a right wing extremist, said that the visa regime shouldn’t be lifted from Kosovo either.

Justice Minister Grapperhaus, who visited Albania, said that he didn’t see any direct connection between the organized crime with the visa regime.

He said that the problem is being discussed in cooperation with the EU and Albania.

MP Van Wijngaarden, from the VVD, said that the visa regime would be successful with Albania only when all the other countries support it.

But the Dutch Foreign Minister, Stef Blok, told the Parliament that this harsh measure would only complicate the relations with Albania.

However, the Dutch Parliament is expected to vote on April 16th.

This is not the first time that the Dutch politicians undertake similar initiatives against Albania. There have also been discussions about vetoing Albania’s EU Accession Negotiations (2018) and the EU Candidate Status (2013).

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