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German Minister: Albania deserves EU accession negotiations. Opposition, obstructive policy

Despite the violent protests of the opposition, the German government supports the EU accession negotiations for Albania, according to the Minister of State, Michael Roth.

“We must keep our promises. One year ago we gave Albania some tasks, and I have the impression that Albania has realized the judiciary reform, the fight against organized crime, drug traffic and creation of a modern administration. There has been good progress in these areas and I am optimistic that there will be a positive discussion for opening the negotiations”, he said.

When asked if the violent protests would play any role, Roth said that critics are normal in any democracy, but violence is absolutely unacceptable.

“We are very concerned about the political situation and about the opposition’s responsibility for violence. I expect the opposition to react and hold the responsibility they have in democracy. I have the impression that the opposition is not interested for Albania to become an EU member, and that they are following an obstructive policy, hurting the people of Albania”, he said.

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