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President calls on political parties to avoid civil confrontation

TIRANA, May 17 – Albanian President Ilir Meta called on the main political parties to act responsibly regarding the country’s deadlock on Friday and resolve the political crisis.

Meta said that the majority and the opposition must act responsibly and be aware of the consequences they will face if the country goes in a civil row.

“This situation should not exist 22 years after Albania separated with 1997, which was a very bad year. Everyone should make a self check and take responsibility. For completely selfish and occult interests, Albania and Albanians don’t need to go to confrontation for completely selfish and occult interests. They have decided to co-exist in a democratic way and have separated from exclusionary systems since the 90s,” Meta said.

He added that no one can put their responsibilities on others, much less to the President of the Republic.

“They know very well what needs to be done and should be aware of the consequences they will face if they lead the country towards confrontation,” Meta said.

On the other hand, the head of OSCE in Albania, Ambassador Bernd Borchardt, said at a scientific conference on communist crimes on Friday that even at present the shadows of the totalitarian past are here, as groups holding different opinions curse each other without facts and without logical arguments .

“Dialogue with the political opponent is refused. Those who try to put the facts against myth are attacked. This dictatorial discussion is heard by many Albanian politicians; sooner or later they end up accusing each other with metaphors and the early rhetoric of “the enemy of the people,” Borchardt said.


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