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EU Delegation in Albania issues statement regarding opposition’s protest

The EU Delegation in Albania and EU embassies appealed the representatives of the protest and Albanian authorities to make sure that today’s demonstration will be held peacefully and normally.

“For the sake of the Albanian citizens, most of whom want to see the country progress with the reform process and towards the EU, we appeal all parties to support the existing offer for dialogue, in order to find a solution out of the current political situation”, the declaration says.

Statement by the European Union Delegation and the European Union Member States’ Embassies to Albania on today’s protest

The European Union Delegation and the European Union Member States’ Embassies to Albania fully respect the fundamental right of citizens of Albania to demonstrate. However, we reiterate the importance of exercising this right peacefully.

We condemn the acts of violence that have taken place in previous protests and we call upon the protest leaders as well as the Albanian authorities to ensure that today’s demonstration is conducted in an orderly and peaceful manner. All concerned have a responsibility to guarantee the safety of those on the streets of Tirana tonight. There is no place for violence at a peaceful protest. Law enforcement authorities have a responsibility to act with restraint, even if provoked.

For the benefit of the Albanian people, the large majority of whom wish to see their country move ahead in the reform process and advance toward European Union membership, we call on all sides to build upon the existing offer for a Dialogue, with the view to finding a way out of the current political situation as a matter of urgency.

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