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Albanian President Meta summons DP head to warn about socialist ‘coup d’etat’

A day after speaking out about a coup d’etat and issuing strong accusations against the judicial council leader Ardian Dvorani, calling him part of a mafia scenario for capturing the Constitutional Court, Albanian President Ilir Meta summoned today in a meeting the Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha.

In a statement, head of state told that he had acquainted Mr Basha with the unconstitutional attempts of the Socialists for a coup and urged him to inform about it other allied leaders.

DP head Basha immediately responded to Meta’s request and summoned the Allies to the party headquarters, where he informed them of the President’s stance, namely that he would do everything to “shatter” this ‘coup d’etat’.

In addition the president filed with the Special Anti-corruption Prosecution an additional criminal report against Ardian Dvorani. Meta then warned the Socialists through his spokesman, that the Parliament would be dissolved by the people, while the head of state would only implement the latter’s will.

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