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Coronavirus; Courts shut down, domestic violence cases only attended

Albanian courts have suspended work following the measures to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus, with the exception of urgent measures such as detention measures or domestic violence cases.

Some phenomena do not stop, such as violence against women or vice-versa, as we are here in Shengjin with Gjergji, who is awaiting the opening of the Court after filing a protection order for his daughter while she is in the process of divorce with his wife.

” I live in the US but I came here for the court order. Today sessions were suspended because of the coronavirus, I have a trial with Vjosa Zaim, ” he said.
The journalist asks if he suspects that his wife beats the daughter.
“She told methat herself”, he replies.

Also today at the Civil Court reviewed the request for protection order between the two sister-in-laws. Now living under the same roof, old problems have emerged between the two women, who both claim to have been psychologically abused.

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