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European Council meeting on negotiations for Albania and N.Macedonia postponed – Tirana Times

TIRANA, March 18 – The European Council meeting previously scheduled for March 26-27 will be postponed for a later unannounced date. This meeting was supposed to give an answer to the hopes of Albania and North Macedonia on the issue of opening accession negotiations. The two countries will have to wait until a later meeting or a video conference of the member states of the Consilium to get their answer.

After the release of the Commission’s new enlargement methodology it seemed that the doubts of France and others had been set aside however the health crisis has disrupted the entire agenda of the Union’s institutions therefore the two WB countries will need to keep waiting. Not being among the negotiating countries makes Albania and North Macedonia exempt also from applying to the European Solidarity Fund which is one of the mechanisms that will help member states as well as Serbia and Montenegro to access necessary aid for the COVID-19 situation.

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