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No deferral of payments for electricity bills – Tirana Times

TIRANA, March 18 – The day before the official launch of the financial assistance package, Prime Minister Rama announced that there will be no deferral of payments for electricity bills. “If the electricity bills aren’t paid, this will lead to OSSHE’s ‘blackout’ so I don’t understand why electricity shouldn’t be paid for. There are developed countries that can postpone [the payment] for two to three months, but we do not have the opportunity to do so,” Rama said.

The Prime Minister added that citizens should not leave their homes to pay electricity bills in person, but to do so through the e-Albania portal. However, Rama promised that all affected employees will receive their salaries.

“For companies that are shut down and unable to pay their employees’ salaries, the government will provide financial compensation, as well as for those with a small enterprise with a turnover under 140,000 dollars,“ he said. 

The official financial assistance plan will be presented on Thursday. 

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